12 – 19 July 2015 

Sitting under a tree, smelling the herbal flowers, the earth and the sea.  Sketching & painting while exploring the majesty and beauty of the land. Hanging out with your sketchbook in tiny villages, hidden away from the frenetic pace of modern day. Or bathe in the cool and relaxing waters of the gulf protected from the sun by wild rocks and cliffs rising dramatically out of the Aegean. Pelion is a treasure trove of legends, history, culture and tradition. The perfect location for a painting holiday. To get in the mood you can have a look at the photos of last year.

Our base will be at the lovely Lagou Raxi Country Hotel in Lafkos, a small mountain village in South Pelion, about 5 km from the sea. We have several trips planned to different attractive locations.

We offer you a unique experience that will enhance your own artistic practice in drawing inspiration from the beautiful nature around us.

For both beginners and more experienced

There is never any pressure and there will always be a supportive hand to help out in anyway that we can make your artistic adventure as satisfying as possible.

Brenda Swenson
Brenda Swenson


Painting Holiday in Greece Painting Holiday in Greece Painting Holiday in Greece 

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